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San Antonio Flatbed Trailer Accident Attorney On Trailer Accidents and the Aftermath.

Accidents involving flatbed trailers include all of the danger of accidents involving regular big-rigs and 18-wheelers, but are can often be more dangerous and more deadly. The trailers themselves are generally used to transport large, bulky, heavy or unwieldy cargo that wouldn’t be able to fit inside the regular trailer of an eighteen-wheeler.Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

In and around San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, Lubbock and all across Texas we have all seen flatbed trailers moving down the highway with cargoes of pre-fab homes, pipes, oil rig parts, windmills blades and bases, and many other materials and goods which weigh thousands of pounds and which can pose a tremendous danger to other motorists and pedestrians in the event of an accident resulting from poor driving, bad conditions or improper loading. More Information here:

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck involving a flatbed trailer in San Antonio or anywhere in Texas, you are likely entitled to fair and just compensation for your injuries. A San Antonio flatbed truck wreck law firm can assist you in receiving that compensation and can help you protect all of your rights. San Antonio flatbed trailer accident attorney Sandra Laurel and her team at this Law Office provides this article by way of information in order to assist you or any victim of the terrible tragedy of being involved in a flatbed trailer accident in deciding what the next step is. In this article we will discuss liability (that is, who is at fault and who can be sued), some obstacles common to the process, and what you should expect to get from your flatbed truck wreck law firms and the assistance available to you. Remember, here at our Law Firm, we can help you protect your rights. For a free consultation regarding your case, don’t hesitate to call our office today .

Who is Liable? Who is at Fault?

Imagine a flatbed trailer wreck scenario involving a major highway, multiple vehicles, injuries and enormous property damage. Who would be at fault; who would be to blame? In the U.S., everyone on the road owes a “Duty of Care” to everyone else. We’ll go into this in depth later, but basically this Duty is to act rationally in any situation so as to prevent harm to others around you. Think of it as a sort of Golden Rule. If someone acts irresponsibly, irrationally or with harmful intent, then they have breached their duty and are the responsible parties in the event of something like a flatbed trailer accident. Think on our scenario then, with multiple factors involved. It could be that one person breached their Duty of Care in the event of an accident, but it also could be that multiple parties breached their Duty and are responsible and ultimately liable, meaning that you can bring a suit against them in order to receive compensation for your injuries. In a simpler case, involving just the truck and yourself, there are still multiple parties who might bear some of the responsibility for the accident and bear the liability as a part of that. If you have been injured in such an accident, then your flatbed accident attorney will compile a list of the most likely parties who might bear liability for what occurred, and should organize an investigation into these parties and into the accident that will thoroughly determine who was or was not at fault. Personal Injury Attorney San Antonio

The most likely suspect and therefore the first party normally investigated is the driver of the flatbed trailer, who you have probably considered as the liable party from the beginning. The very nature of the work that a big rig driver undertakes can take a serious toll on that driver, and the benefits of stretching the rules, and themselves, can often outweigh the negative results. Truck drivers are paid drive for long stretches of time and meet strict deadlines. Just like a worker in an office, the driver might choose to work late to meet that deadline, driving through the night or for long and grueling stretches. It is against the law for a truck driver to drive without occasionally stopping for mandated rests, but even so they can still get exhausted and tired and careless. When a flatbed trailer driver is exhausted or sleepy behind the wheel of a vehicle loaded with thousands of pounds of equipment, however, the dangers are obvious. Did You Know?

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