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Industrial Accident Lawyer San Antonio

The Law Office of Ford & Laurel will defend your rights when you get injured in an Industrial environment.

Out of 124 Oil and Petroleum Refineries in the US, 27 are in Texas.

This means that Texas has more Refineries then any other State of the Union.

There are inherent risks to work in Refineries, but that shouldn’t mean that you as an employee or subcontractor do not have the right to work in a safe and well kept environment.

It is the refineries responsibility to abide by Osha and CSB (Chemical Safety Board) regulations and to make sure that these requirements translate into the workplace.

Industrial & Refinery accidents are on the rise and effect employees and contractors alike.
For too long the refineries have been plagued by disasters that might have been preventable. As long as profit is placed above of real work place safety these terrible accidents can and will happen. Now we all know that some of these incidents are exactly that, accidents. That should not give the oil companies the right to neglect and slack on their oversight. They need to keep the high safety standards required by Osha, and put the lives of their employees and contractors before the profits they for sure will make.

Is there something you can do?

Call the Industrial Accident Attorney at Ford and Laurel in San Antonio to receive the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering

Should a loved one have been seriously injured or killed, there are survivor rights. But voice needs to be heard loud and clear through strong legal representation. Oil Refinery companies try hard to quiet you down or suppress your voice with lump sum payments tied to all kinds unreasonable conditions. On the surface these payments may be tempting and even seem fair and adequate. Do not be fooled – only their best interest is on their mind, not yours.

You don’t deserve to be victimized twice, make sure you are paid a just and fair compensation for your suffering, call the Personal Injury Attorney at Ford & Laurel. They bring their experience and legal expertise to your side are able to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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