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Drug Recall Lawyer in San Antonio Ford and Laurel can help

Dangerous Drug Recall Attorney South Texas-www.fordandlaurel.comTop Four Things to Know About Drug Recalls

Drug recalls have been known to trigger numerous questions on the part of the patient. This is understandable since DRUG Recalls are of serious nature. If you have been prescribed a dangerous or recalled drug there are four things that you need to know.

Not having this information can mean the difference between not knowing what steps to take next versus being prepared to seek damages for your injuries.

My Medication Hasn’t Been called back yet, but I Think It’s bad for me

All drugs have the potential to cause side effects. However, what you should know is that there are several mitigating factors that increase your chances of having side effects.
These things are:

  • Your Age
  • Your Weight
  • Your Sex
  • Your Overall Health

But perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind before stopping your normal regiment of daily medications is that it’s always prudent to consult your doctor. He has your history and any previous reactions to drugs in his files. After that call the Dangerous Drug Attorney at Ford and Laurel for a Consult.

The FDA’s Role in Preventing Dangerous Drugs from Hitting the Market

Ultimately, the final oversight to prevent harmful drugs from entering the market place lies with the FDA. They’re actually responsible for ensuring that both drugs and vaccinations are safe for the general public. However, due to the sheer number of medications and vaccinations introduced to the public each year, it’s statistically impossible for the FDA catch everything.

One of the reasons for this is that it often takes time before reports of negative side effects begin to be publicized. As a fail safe the FDA requires that all drug manufacturers inform them as soon as they become aware of adverse side effects or reactions to their drugs. Likewise, patients are also encouraged to notify the FDA of any problems that may have resulted from taking the drugs.

What Constitutes a Dangerous Drug?

There are several things that can cause a drug to be dangerous. The most common are the following:
Inadequate Research – The manufacturer did not do enough research on the potential side effects the drug might cause.
Negligence – When a drug manufacturer is aware that their medication may lead to harmful side effects but ignores the warning signs; putting corporate profits before the health of the patients. It happens too often that Pharmaceutical Companies are aware of the dangerous side effects of a specific drug and still introduce it to the market.
Inferior ingredients – Another factor that can lead to a drug being deemed as unsafe is the quality of the components. i.e. if the manufacturer used inferior or low quality materials to cut costs, this could also result in the release of a dangerous drug to the general public.

How Soon Should I speak to Drug Recall Lawyer in San Antonio?

If your drug has recently been recalled or if you believe that you’re experiencing negative side effects after taking a prescription drug that should not be on the market any more, call Ford and Laurel to find out if you have a case against the Manufacturers. The Law Office of Ford & Laurel can fight on your behalf to make sure that your rights are protected. Contact the Texas Dangerous Drug Lawyer at Ford & Laurel in San Antonio or Laredo today at 210-820-3434.

Time is critical in personal injury cases, call us today for a Free confidential consultation about your case.

To find out how much you can expect to receive if you succeed in your claim, contact the Personal Injury Attorney  at Ford & Laurel. Arrange for a free case evaluation with Sandra today!
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