I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my son’s case. You did an amazing good and went beyond of what I expected. It’s hard to take the fact that my son’s case is closed and close this chapter in our life. As we both agreed on the day of the mediation that our case was worth a lot more but also that there is no price of a human life. But I thank you for guiding me and explaining to me the out come if we would have gone to court. And I am glad of the outcome of the case. As you well know that the other people involved including other attorney’s, all of them told me and some in front of you that I made a good choice of having you as my attorney. I would have to disagree on the word (good). I believe I choose a great attorney and couldn’t have asked for a better one. All the hard work you put into my son’s case was outstanding. You went beyond what I had expected. And for that Sandra, I am grateful. Thank you so much for everything even though it was business, it was all personal to me. Thank you Sandra.

Like you said you have my number and I have yours, keep in touch and if I could ever help you on anything I’m only a phone call away. You are a great attorney and I will recommend anyone who needs an attorney to give your office a call.
Once again Sandra, thank you. – Blanca Trujillo – 4046 Angel Trumpet San Antonio. Tx 78259 – 210-347-4143

Sponge Left in Patient

The San Antonio medical malpractice lawyers at Ford and Laurel, talk about a case involving a sponge left inside a patient.