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“Products liability action” stands for any action taken against a manufacturer or seller of a defective product for recovery of damages resulting of personal injury, death, or property damage that could have been caused by a
defective product whether the action is based in strict tort liability, strict products liability, misrepresentation, breach of express or implied warranty, negligence or any other possibility or combination of these theories.
In today’s world the amount of products on the market is mind boggling.
Consumers should be able to expect that products they have purchased are safe when used as directed by the manufacturers.

In reality however, thousands of consumers are injured and killed each and every year from incidents as a result of defective products. A simple production defect can have a disastrous outcome.
The responsibility of bringing a safe product to market lays with the designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers of such product.
We hear to often that houses have burned down because a heater started a fire, or airbags in a car didn’t deploy correctly and so on.
The Product Liability Law is very complex, it can involve a number of potentially liable parties.
Any of the parties may want to play games and blame each other in an attempt to avoid responsibility for the Defective Product. You can’t sort this out by yourself.
Call the Law Firm of Ford and Laurel for help, with their vast and proven track record in Product Liability cases the Attorney will get you the best possible outcome you desire.
If you have suffered injuries caused by defective medical devices or other products you may be able to receive compensation through a Product Liability Lawsuit. All cases are considered and reviewed by our Law Firm on a contingency fee basis, in essence you don’t pay us anything unless we recover compensation from the other party. Request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

Consult your Defective Product Attorney when you have encountered

Product liability claim for injuries suffered from a dangerous item can be founded on one of the following:

DEFECTIVE DESIGN: If a product is not safe when used in its intended manner, the manufacturer can be held liable for producing a dangerous product.

MANUFACTURING DEFECT: If flaw is build into the product during the manufacturing process , which then makes this product more dangerous then originally intended you have a claim for a manufacturing defect.

ABSENCE OF WARNING LABELS: If something is not manufactured as a safe product, and the producing company fails to appropriately warn of the dangers associated with regular use, we may be able to hold them liable for failure to warn.

BREACH OF WARRANTY: If a product does not conform with an express warranty of the manufacturer, they can be held liable for injuries suffered by that failure to conform. Also, even if there is no expressed statement, if the product can not be used in the manner for which such products are intended to be used, there may be a breach of implied warranty.

STRICT LIABILITY: If a product is more dangerous than an ordinary consumer would have to expect, the manufacturer could be held strictly liable for knowingly selling a defective and dangerous product.

If you, a member of your family or a friend have been seriously injured as a result of a such a defective, dangerous product, The Law Firm of Ford & Laurel can evaluate your case surrounding your injury and determine if you may be entitled to compensation for your Personal Injuries.

Every case has a time limit, so it is important that you act in a timely manner to make sure your legal rights are protected.


Time could be sensitive in Defective Product Liability cases, call us today for a Free confidential consultation about your case.

To find out how much you can expect to receive if you succeed in your claim, contact the Personal Injury Attorney at Ford & Laurel. Arrange for a free case evaluation with Sandra today!
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