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What You Should Look For When Considering a Medical Malpractice Attorney

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If you have suffered an injury that occurred from a physician/patient relationship, you have a right to recover for any out-of-pocket expenditures you have incurred. Physicians are held to the highest standards of care because of their high intelligence and the fact that we place our lives in their hands. Furthermore, if you have suffered an injury resulting from something such as misdiagnosis or surgical error, the impact on your health can be absolutely disastrous. The reason these types of injuries can be so life shattering is because typically they require further medical care.medical malpractise

In the event that you need extensive medical attention, you will begin to rack up costly medical bills. Therefore, it is in your best interests to file a medical malpractice suit against the party that is responsible for this malfeasance. You may be unsure of what the first step is to take in determining what law firm or attorney you should choose to represent your claim. Obviously, your main priority should be the success of your cause of action so that you can alleviate the physical and financial burden that has been unduly placed on you because of the carelessness of a physician or hospital.

Here at Our Law Offices, we have a great deal of experience handling medical malpractice lawsuits just like the one that you should be filing in order to gain the maximum recovery possible for your losses. There are a number of ways that you can seek competent legal representation, however if you have read this far you need not look any further. The attorneys at Our Law Offices have received many awards and honors for their excellence and honorable reputation in the legal community statewide. Therefore, we can say without reservation that we are fully equipped and capable of handling your medical malpractice claim to help ensure that you do not suffer for the rest of your life with excessive hospital bills and insufferable physical ailments.

What is a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

A medical malpractice lawsuit is a claim that is based on an act of professional negligence by your physician or a health care provider. Basically, these types of claims arise when the treatment that you receive deviates from what is accepted in the medical field and subsequently causes you injury or a fatality occurs. There are statistics that report that about 195,000 people die every year from medical mistakes in the United States. You, as the plaintiff will be the patient that was wronged. However, there are actions that you may take in medical malpractice that permits you to file suit on behalf of another party. This is typically a loved one that you are filing suit on behalf of and it will be in the form of what is called a wrongful death action.

What has to be Proven in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

In this type of a lawsuit, you have to prove several different things. This is why you need to find a good medical malpractice attorney, such as those that Our Law Offices employ. Medical malpractice lawsuits are highly complex and have difficult burdens of proof that must be met in order for your lawsuit to be successful. Initially, a physician-patient relationship must be established.medical malpractise - wrongful deat

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This can be accomplished by showing that there was a duty on the part of the doctor. This is not a matter of the credentials and skills of your physician. It means that there must be some kind of contract. Once a physician-patient relationship has been established then the duty will come into existence. The duty will be one of ordinary care. However, if the doctor is a specialist in some particular field of medicine, the duty of care will be that of a particular specialist. Then there will have to have been a breach of that duty that proximately caused your injury, which are your damages. There has to be a causal connection between the breach of the duty and your injury.

As you can see, this is a very intricate process. Finding an attorney that can successfully litigate your medical malpractice lawsuit can be challenging. However, you can rest assured that if you contact the attorneys at Our Law Offices you will have succeeded in finding trustworthy and hard working lawyers that are more than able to represent your case with expert precision. To discuss your medical malpractice claim and the particulars of your specific cause of action contact Our Law Offices.