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Laredo Personal Injury Lawyer

Fighting for YOU to get maximum compensation and regain peace of mind.

You may have a strong legal case against another person or company if their negligence or careless actions led to serious personal injury. Sandra D. Laurel of the Ford & Laurel Law Firm. BOARD CERTIFIED, PERSONAL INJURY TRIAL LAW- TEXAS BOARD OF LEGAL SPECIALIZATION.
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There are many situations in where individuals are seriously injured due to no fault of their own. Accidents that could have been avoided if it were not for the negligent party, faulty equipment, and or lack warning signs, etc. In these situations it is important that you seek immediate counsel from an experienced Lawyer who handles these cases. It is our contention that you do need competent representation to take on the Insurance Companies. You can be sure that they will have the best lawyers representing them, because they don’t want to spend a penny more then they absolutely have to.

Personal Injury Lawyer Laredo

Our Injury Attorney wants to help you get the justice that you deserve. With decades of experience in handling Accident Injury cases she can ensure the best possible outcome for the victims of serious personal injuries and their families. It’s important that the liable party or parties take responsibility for their actions that led to your injury. Therefore you need to hire an attorney with a proven record, litigation experience and is BOARD CERTIFIED, PERSONAL INJURY TRIAL LAW- TEXAS BOARD OF LEGAL SPECIALIZATION such as Sandra D. Laurel. Ford and Laurel have litigated many cases and achieved great results for their clients.

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For years, the Legal Expert Sandra D. Laurel  has been fighting for and protecting the interests of Accident Injury Victims. She has a solid track record of successful verdicts that have helped families and accident victims in Laredo.

Laredo Personal Injury Attorney serving all of South Texas

Serious Injuries can happen at anytime through a variety of situations and manifest them self in a great many different forms.

Compensation you deserve

The Attorney at Ford & Laurel understands that this is a difficult time for you and your family. I want to help make this process as painless as possible as we fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. The Law Office of Ford & laurel is committed to defending the legal rights of victims to the fullest extent under Texas laws.

Time is critical when you get hurt in an accident, call us today for a Free confidential consultation from our Personal Injury Attorney.

To find out how much you can expect to receive if you succeed in your claim, contact Ford and Laurel the Personal Injury Lawyer Laredo. Arrange for a free case evaluation with  our competent attorney today!

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